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Kay Boyle Society’s Panel Session at ALA 2024 Chicago

New Insight into Kay Boyle’s Early Fiction

Chair: Thomas Austenfeld, Université de Fribourg

  • “The Politics of Failure in Kay Boyle’s Process,” Charles Sumner, University of Southern Mississippi
  • “‘Voice Enough to Shout About Other People’s Poetry’: The Circulation of Illness and Art in Kay Boyle’s Year Before Last,” Jess Rafalko, Penn State University
  • “‘What’s a Nice Irish Lass Like You Doing in a Place Like This? Miss Cafferty, Lady Glourie, and the Swans,” Kathryn Klein, The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Kay Boyle Society’s Panel Session at ALA 2023 Boston

Conversations: Boyle, Cowley, McKay, and Others

Chair: Thomas Austenfeld, Université de Fribourg

  • “Serendipitous Discoveries in Kay Boyle Scholarship,” Sandra Spanier, Penn State University
  • “Contestation and Cooperation: the Entangled Lives of Kay Boyle and Malcolm Cowley,” Hans Bak, Radboud University Nijmegen
  • “Claude McKay’s ‘Dinner in Douarnenez’ (1925) and Kay Boyle’s ‘Harbor Song’ (1925): Sentimental Modernism?” Anne Reynes-Delobel, Aix-Marseille Université

Kay Boyle Society’s VIRTUAL Panel Sessions at the 32nd American Literature Association Conference, July 7 -10, 2021

Panel session 1: Kay Boyle’s Life

Chair: Sandra Spanier, Pennsylvania State University

  • “The Writer and the Baron: How Joseph Franckenstein Shaped the Life and Work of Kay Boyle,” Anne Boyd Rioux, University of New Orleans
  • “Kay Boyle: Our Last Days Together,” Ian von Franckenstein, Independent Scholar
  • “Why it Matters that Kay Boyle’s Irises are Blooming in My Garden: The Challenge of Writing Truthful Fiction,” Carol Piasente, Independent Scholar
  • “Kay Boyle’s Correspondence with James Laughlin,” Krista Quesenberry, Albion College
Panel session 2: Vulnerable Bodies

Chair: Anne Boyd Rioux, University of New Orleans

  • “Thinking and Feeling Vulnerably through the Baroque Tropes of Mina Loy and Djuna Barnes,” Stamatina Dimakopoulou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • “Vunerability as Lyric Gesture in Kay Boyle’s’Angels for Djuna Barnes’,” Anne Reynes-Delobel, Aix-Marseille Université
  • “Representations of Male Vulnerable Bodies in Works by Kay Boyle and Djuna Barnes,”Amy Wells, Université de Caen Normandie
  • “‘Irreparable Dummies’: Vulnerable Bodies in Mina Loy’s Late Works,” Yasna Bozhkova, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle

Watch Kay Boyle’s Lives

Watch Vulnerable Bodies in Works by Kay Boyle, Mina Loy, and Djuna Barnes

Kay Boyle Society’s Panel Sessions at ALA Conferences 2006-2019

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