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Remembering Kay Boyle

by Red Shuttleworth
“… a singer and a shouter for social justice, for fairness, for the dispossessed and the wounded.”


Passion and Joy

By Andrew Popper At some point in Ian Franckenstein’s childhood (or so my father told me) he planned to grow up and go on the lecture circuit — to teach America that Frankenstein was...


“A Voyage to France” by Ian Frankenstein

This untitled document in Ian Frankesntein’s handwriting was read by the author at the Society’s American Literature Conference panel in 2023. It sets in motion time, memory, private and shared reimaginaings, and togetherness in...


Picture of Kay Boyle by Hsu Kai-yu

With thanks to Helen Whitson, former librarian at San Francisco State College and founder of the Strike Collection. Also see ‘On strike! Shut it down!’ An Interview with Helene Whitson on the San Francisco...


In Memoriam Ian Franckenstein (1943-2024)

A beloved friend and faithful supporter of the Kay Boyle Society since its inception in May 2006, at the American Literature Conference in San Francisco, Ian Franckenstein passed away on Jan. 23rd, 2024 in...


The Teaching of Writing

An Essay by Kay Boyle Teenagers and students in their early twenties make teaching an endlessly exciting experience for me. Young people have a particular gift for reviving freshness of thought and language and...

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