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The Teaching of Writing

An Essay by Kay Boyle Teenagers and students in their early twenties make teaching an endlessly exciting experience for me. Young people have a particular gift for reviving freshness of thought and language and...


Kay Boyle: A Twentieth Century Life in Letters

Kay Boyle, A Twentieth-Century Life in Letters Edited and with an Introduction by Sandra Spanier,  University of Illinois Press, July 2015 Pages:848 Source : University of Illinois Press The intimate and epic chronicle of...


“The Lost” adapted for the stage

From Page to Stage THE TALL BOY is a solo play starring actress Tandy Cronyn. Based on Kay Boyle’s short story, “The Lost” (1951) it was adapted for the stage by British playright Simon...


“Kay Boyle and Love” in The Scofield

The Scofield Issue 1.2 Kay Boyle & Love Fall 2015 Our guiding principle here at The Scofield is to create a place where lovers of literature gather. Of course, we aren’t actually gathering....


Kay Boyle in Le Havre

In his article, “Le Havre de Kay Boyle,” published in Cartographies littéraires du Havre, Pierre Dieulafait discusses Boyle’s vision of Le Havre and the possible influences of the town on her aesthetics and politics....

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