In Memoriam Ian Franckenstein (1943-2024)

A beloved friend and faithful supporter of the Kay Boyle Society since its inception in May 2006, at the American Literature Conference in San Francisco, Ian Franckenstein passed away on Jan. 23rd, 2024 in Medford, Mass.

Many of us will always remember the wonderful time we had in Boston or in San Francisco at the Kay Boyle sessions, with Ian reading his poems to Kay and regaling us with stories.

As Kay Boyle’s literary executor, Ian played a crucial role in promoting the reading and discussion of the works of Kay Boyle. Many a Boyle scholar are greatly indebted to his friendly help and support.

Ian’s ashes were scattered off the highest peak of Mt. Tamalpais toward San Francisco Bay. He was the happiest sleeping under the stars while preparing for the next theatre production on the mountain that he loved dearly.

“There, he will be home in more ways than one” (Faith Gude)

This picture (@ Thomas Austenfeld) was taken in May 2006 at the Kay Boyle Society panel session at the American Literature Conference in San Francisco.  Ian Franckentein (right) with Sandra Spanier (left), showing a picture of Kay Boyle and Harry Crosby taken in Paris circa 1927. 

Ian with Christine Hait (founding member and treasurer of the Kay Boyle Society). @ Thomas Austenfeld

The“founding group” of the Kay Boyle Society, San Francisco, May 2006. From left to right: Marylin Elkins, Thomas Austenfeld, Christine Hait, Sandra Spanier, Ian Franckenstein, Alexa Weik, Anne Reynes-Delobel, Suzanne Clarke. @ Thomas Austenfeld

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